Preptober Prompts // Week Three // Day One

So I've never done this before.  Hi.  Hello.

*grins nervously*

*throws prompt at readers*


Wait.  Am I supposed to answer this myself?  Um, well...I don't want to give much away because #spoilers but there is a character who actually plays an instrument...and being as there are sailors, I imagine a number of sea shanties and the like would be sung.

Remember: there are three extra days at the end of October, and for those three days we’re going to be using reader-submitted prompts. You can submit through the form linked in the giveaway below, and that’s really all you need to do, but you can also improve the chances of your prompt being chosen by sharing and participating in the event through the month. Share posts on social media, post your prompt results in the comments, etc. and you’ll get more entries to be chosen for one of those three spots.

The readers whose prompts are chosen will get a special shout-out and a graphic for their prompt, and if they’re bloggers then they’ll get to host their prompt and Ariel will share their blog on her own and on social media.

But all of your prompts will be shared! Ariel will be putting together a list of bonus prompts at the end of the month, including any prompts that weren’t selected for the last three days, and sharing it on social media and her blog.

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  1. At some point in Calligraphy Guild I want to have a scene where the guild gets together to make music as a way of working on repairing the relationships that have been strained by mistrust.