The Order of the Pen

Back in late 2014, two teen girls had an idea.  They brought it before some friends, discussed it with their parents, and in January 2015, the writing group known as The Order of the Pen had its first meeting.

Who We Are

We are teens and young adults who are interested in bettering our writing.  We are professing Christians.  Some of us have been crafting books for years, and others have just started about our journey.  We are always ready to help each other with our stories.  We fangirl from time to time.  We are writers.  We are Pennites.

What We Do

Our writing goal is Psalm 45:1 - to write stories that proclaim Christ as God and Lord, and to glorify Him with all that we do (including writing).

While we all have jobs, school, and college to attend to, we try to read and write on the side.  Whenever someone needs critiques, opinions, friendly read-throughs, or just a search for plot-holes, we are there for each other.

Sometimes, when possible, we get together in person, either to get some writing done, or just to enjoy some friendship.

What We Write

Between us all, we write contemporary, science-fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, futuristic, dystopian, and fairy-tale retellings; as well as poetry and song writing.  Sometimes we even combine genres!  Age levels for the stories vary, from pre-teen to young adult and everything in between.  Content is clean, and morals are Christian.

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