Comp Titles

Realm Makers is coming up, and I've been preparing my pitch for Rauladin. Which, admittedly, is giving me a little more trouble than I expected, mostly because I have been so busy working on titles for The Order of the Pen Press that I haven't done anything with Rauladin in...*swallows*....YEARS.

*awkward chuckle*

(I do hope the folks I pitch to don't look up my blog and read this one, hehe.)

I jumped right in and tried to make a synopsis and couldn't even remember a POV character's name. I completely forgot about the GRIFFINSSSS. And that Mayra even existed.

But anyway, I'm buckling down and re-reading and going through my editing notes and just giving myself a quick refresher on the story. And one thing I'm doing is figuring out what my comp titles would be.

One thing that's often asked for when pitching and querying is comparable titles. And that makes sense. What books are your books like? What vibes do they give off?

It can be hard. If you say "Lord of the Rings" everyone might laugh, because yeah, sure, you're obviously the next Tolkien - did you create entire new languages and craft three ages of history? Hmmm?? Didn't think so.

But if you say "The Rise of Aredor" you run the risk of people not knowing what the series is, and therefore also running the opportunity.

So....what do we do?

Here is a simple formula to create some comp titles while also making an elevator pitch while also helping you stay on track plotwise:


There you have it. Ta-da! *dances*

Now you can give a generic idea about what books the story is like, provide a cool answer for the dreaded "what is your book about" question, and keep you on track while you write.

The Red War Annals I would describe as "The Stormlight Archives meets The Books of Bayern." We have an expansive world, with multiple POV characters and an overarching timeline with a softer writing style and characters with a speaking sort of magic.

The Pirate Hunter Chronicles would be "Pirates of the Caribbean meets Assassin's Creed." Comical adventures on the high seas....with assassins. (Footnote: I haven't played any AC games, so....yeah....anyone wanna correct me if I'm wrong??)

And, for the book I'm pitching, Rauladin, we have "The Riyria Revelations meets The Dark Crystal." A motley crew of people with awesome talents trying to wade through politics to save the world, while set in a murky swamp with creepy creatures. Oh, and the people have WINGS!

Anyone else going to Realm Makers this year?? *waves* I AM!!!! In fact, I'm on my way now (well, I'm writing this post in advance, but it posts the day I leave, haha).

Also, drop your comp titles down below, with a brief explanation. I want to hear them!!