Writing Tips

Below are links to the more writing-themed posts on my blog; posts that writers might find helpful or encouraging.  Please report any broken links!

Tips on Writing a First Draft Series
Post One: Problems
Part Two: Time
Part Three: Distractions
Part Four: Procrastination
Part Five: Boredom
Part Six: Perfectionism
Part Seven: Discomfort
Part Eight: Writer's Block
Part Nine: Depression
Part Ten: Research (And guest post by Carol Baldwin!)
Part Eleven: Multiple WIPs
Part Twelve: Tips and Tricks

Various Writing Tips

Horse Problems (for writing purposes)

Take a Stand (for those who are considering quitting)

How to Successfully Co-Write a Novel
(with Evan D.)
Getting Started (and Evan's post)
Characters (and Evan's post)
Writing & Wrap-Up (and Evan's post)

Running Posts
30 Miles of the Most Boring Forest in the World
Running 101

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