About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to Saver of Memories!  My name is Julian Daventry, and I post every Wednesday about random things (most topics revolving around writing).

The blog name comes from the fact that I have a poor memory, and go out of the way to make sure I remember things.  I also am a bit of a pack rat and keep just about everything for the memories it brings me.  I love old things, especially historical things, and enjoy reminiscing with friends and family.

I am a young adult, and refuse to give up on my dream of becoming a published author.  I spend my days working a desk job, my evenings working on my little mini-farm, and my nights reading and writing.  I try to cram running and some music practice in from time to time.

I'm a Presbyterian Reformed gal, and hold to the original Westminster Confession of Faith.

I've been crafting stories since I was very young, but only seriously (as in, looking into how to write /better/) since 2015.  I primarily write fantasy, though I have dabbled in science fiction and contemporary, and currently have a historical fiction novel in the works as well.  I enjoy songwriting and composing as the mood takes me.

I aim to put the glory of God as my chief and highest end, and to do my duty in all things.
The Farm

Spirit is my oldest horse at 21 years old, and is a gentle giant (standing at 16.3 hands).  He's a registered Tennessee Walker, and is calm enough for my little sisters to ride, and yet canters off willingly when I want to run.  He's fun to ride bareback, with a lovely running walk, a flashy rack, and a smooth canter.  He's moving into retirement, but is still able to do short trail rides and babysit little ones.

Pepper is my do-anything horse.  He loves adventures, and readily goes anywhere I point him-we're just not going to get there in a hurry!  He's around 16.1 hands (I've yet to actually measure him, but he's just a little shorter than Spirit), 8 years old, and is a registered Friesian Sport Horse (3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Spotted Draft).  He does it all-Ride and Ties, Trail Challenges, Shows, Pony Rides, and even pulls a cart.  He loves attention and just being with people.

Bree is my surprise horse.  I never thought I would own a Quarter Horse (never cared for the breed, tbh), but when I saw him at an auction, I couldn't pass him up!  He stands at 14 hands, and is 5 years old.  He's a fun little trail horse and is calm enough to let kids play with him (and a perfect size, too)!  I haven't done much but trail ride with him, but he does that well, and I look forward to testing him out with some other things soon!

Bunker is a Holstein steer, however, having grown up with the horses, he seems to think he is one.  He leads, ties, and rides just like a spotted horse with horns!  He loves attention and scratches and treats, and is really sweet.

Susan is a Black Angus.  While I'm not sure how much human interaction she had before I purchased her at an auction, she is very calm and mild-mannered.  She's the chillest cow I've ever seen - nothing really gets her excited.

Sweetie is Susan's calf, though I think she likes Bunker better-they are often napping and hanging out together.  She is true to her name and comes right up for scratches and loving.  Once she grows into my smallest halter, her own training will begin!
Goats-Buffy is a Nigerian Dwarf, given to my by a friend (to keep Skip company).  She's over 8 years old, and is living out her retirement with me.  Skip is my billy goat (mixed breed, most likely), and was wild when I bought him home (took four or five people to catch him).  Now he comes right up for hugs and scratches-he even leads better than Buffy.  :)

The Cats-Spice and Ragnar.  Two of the nicest cats I've ever seen-little kids can drag them all around and not a single claw is flashed.  They put up with so much, and yet they are always friendly and happy to be petted.  Spice is getting old now and spends a lot of his time sleeping.  Ragnar loves going on adventures and is leaning to sit on command.

The Farm Yard-A mixed bunch of hens, three roosters, 2 white Pekin ducks, and a Mallard duck (who can no longer fly).


  1. Hey, a Southern gal! I'm a Southern gal, also, with Scottish in my veins. ;) I'm Angela, a Christian, homeschooled writer. I love horses, and have two of them- both Native American lineage. One is a newborn foal (3 days old right now) and the other is a 2 yr mare. :)
    Nice to find your blog! God bless.
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

  2. Hi, Julian! Thought I'd notify you that I tagged you for the Liebster Award over at the Silver Phoenix. :D


  3. I live in the north now, but I grew up in the south and will always consider myself southern :D