About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to Saver of Memories!  My name is Julian Daventry, and I post every Wednesday about random things (most topics revolve around writing).

I've been crafting stories since I was very young, but only seriously (as in, looking into how to write better) since 2015.  I primarily write fantasy, though I have dabbled in science fiction and contemporary, and currently have a historical fiction novel in the works as well.  I enjoy songwriting and composing as the mood takes me.

I'm a Presbyterian Reformed gal, and hold to the original Westminster Confession of Faith.  I aim to put the glory of God as my chief and highest end, and to do my duty in all things.

I'm the co-founder of The Order of the Pen, a critique group for young writers - we get together over email and Skype and share our writing and give critiques and encouragement.

I'm also the Goodreads Coordinator for Rebellious Writing, a group of young readers who have banded together to rebel against the sex, language and other not-so-great content commonly seen in YA novels today. 

The blog name comes from the fact that I have a poor memory, and go out of the way to make sure I remember things.  I also am a bit of a pack rat and keep just about everything for the memories it brings me.  I love old things, especially historical things, and enjoy reminiscing with friends and family.

I also have three horses (from left to right):
Bree (Quarter Horse), Pepper (Friesian) and Spirit (Tennessee Walker). I mostly trail ride and compete in Ride and Tie races, though I do the odd trail/obstacle challenge now and then.


  1. Hey, a Southern gal! I'm a Southern gal, also, with Scottish in my veins. ;) I'm Angela, a Christian, homeschooled writer. I love horses, and have two of them- both Native American lineage. One is a newborn foal (3 days old right now) and the other is a 2 yr mare. :)
    Nice to find your blog! God bless.
    -Ang | thepeculiarmessenger.wordpress.com

  2. Hi, Julian! Thought I'd notify you that I tagged you for the Liebster Award over at the Silver Phoenix. :D


  3. I live in the north now, but I grew up in the south and will always consider myself southern :D