Rumors, Reunions, and Revenge - OUT IN THE WILD

 Beware everyone - krakens have been released!!

Rumors, Reunions, and Revenge is now out and available to purchase off the Order of the Pen Press website, as well as on Amazon (ebooks and paperbacks).

If you like adventure on the high seas, dangerous sea creatures, a touch of ocean magic, and found will love the Pirate Hunter Chronicles!

The amazing Mars Evan did the chapter headings for Rumors, and I could not be more excited about them!!!

I mean...LOOK AT THIS!!! <3

A wealthy duke from a mysterious island.
Rumors of the dead walking.
And siren songs of immortality.

A year has passed, and another Scaera Dumeda is about to begin. Captain Adi and the rest of the pirate hunter crew are escorting the Belfarren nobles when they come across a fleet claiming to belong to the Pirate Nation, led by the last person she ever expected to see again. Perhaps it’s not as easy to leave her past behind as she thought.

As Ravin settles into his new life he begins to consider the del Mankayl clan and others in his family who might want to run away as he did. But when an opportunity comes to rescue a relative, is he truly making a difference or is he only putting his loved ones in danger by bringing a violent assassin on board?