Introducing: Helena Š. George and The Lost Bard of Taliyaven

The name is George. Helena Š. George.

There, I've said it. Some of y'all might already know this. But perhaps others are unaware. And there are still more who call me by my penname by choice (which I'm totally cool with).

But it's time to let y'all know: I'm stepping away from the penname. "Julian Daventry" was created back when I first started blogging as a way to be safe on the internet. But now I'm a published author, and I published under my own name, and I'm worried it'll confuse people to have the two names floating around.

With this announcement comes one big change: I'm moving to another blog. From now on, be sure to check out Druhý, my new home in the blogosphere.

And, ESPECIALLY, check this new blog out today, because I am releasing the blurb for my latest and greatest release, The Lost Bard of Taliyaven. If you enjoy epic fantasy, you won't want to miss this one!

So. Until we meet again. *hugs*

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