The Red War Annals

 So....what is The Red War Annals??

Firstly, it's a series that I started writing in 2015. I didn't intend for it to become the grand story that it currently is. I simply wanted to try a new outlining style, and shoved together a couple loose plots and characters that I had lying around.

Secondly, it's gone through a lot of revisions over the years, but the core plots and characters have always remained.

Thirdly, the first two books release this year!! Keep your eyes and ears open for cover reveals, release dates, and more. :)

So. What sort of questions do you have? What would you like to know about The Red War Annals? Drop your questions below, and I'll answer them in a blog post. :)

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  1. Um. RELEASING THIS YEAR???? I'm SO PUMPED to read this story!!

    Hmmm, questions, questions . . .
    - What's your favorite aspect of the story?
    - What were the biggest lessons you learned while writing the Red War Annals?