Know the Novel - A Linkup

Apparently I haven't prepared enough posts about my NaNo novel month you'll be spammed with info all about Words of Song.  So just consider this post as a sneak-peak of sorts for the upcoming Shared WIP Tag.

Christine is hosting this little linkup, and frankly, I think it's pretty fun!  The first set of questions is fairly introductory.  :)

What first sparked the idea for this novel?

Well, Words of Song is the second book in my trilogy.  Originally the material covered in Song was supposed to be split into two books (the second and third of the series), but while I was brainstorming, I found that there was a lot more to the story, and so put all the original plots into the second book.

It basically continues Marywyn's story from the first book, Words of Gold.

Share a blurb!

Marywyn the villager has received an honorable title – Protector of the Princess.  The only problem is, the Princess has just disappeared.  Eager to prove that her friends have not judged poorly in voting to promote her, Marywyn leaves Raybir on a quest to rescue Connaven, but only runs headlong into more danger and betrayal.  And this time there are no mistakes.  The enemy is on the hunt, and they know exactly who they are looking for: a red-haired girl with a powerful singing voice.
As the danger only grows, Marywyn begins to doubt: was she the right person to do all this?  Surely there are many others who can be the hero, others who are more brave.  Can Marywyn rescue her friends and save Raybir, or will she leave at the first opportunity to return to the safety of her garden and flowers?

Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects about the setting?

The story takes place in the land of Arromëre.  It starts in the little rural kingdom of Raybir, but over the course of the book, Marywyn does a great deal of travelling, and once of the places she visits is the rival kingdom of Ristor.

I love getting to explore new places with Marywyn - she travels through dark, creepy forests, fights tigers, and gets to see ships for the first time.  I also love how, no matter where she travels, she finds fellow believers and is welcomed into their homes simply because they all worship the same God, and so see each other as family.

Tell us about your protagonist.

Marywyn is a nobody, who probably shouldn't be the protector of the princess - there are far better warriors who would love to have such an honor.  She wonders what God has in mind for her, and is determined to do her best, even if it means doing things she's scared of, to keep Princess Connaven safe.  But the enemy isn't after Connaven...they're after Marywyn.

Who (or what) is the antagonist?

Queen Moreno seems intent on getting revenge against Ristor for attacking them, even though her army would just be massacred.  Ristor is only too eager for another war.  There are Rochen marching across the mountains.  Not to mention the stranger in the city is still trailing Marywyn, waiting for something...

What excites you the most about this novel?

Heh heh.  Middle books/movies are always my least favorite.  But this book, however, does have lots of things I love: adventure, music, lots of poetry, mysterious people in the shadows, wild horses, chase scenes, danger, sword fights, torture, I'm just quoting The Princess Bride.

Is this going to be a series? Standalone? Something else?

The second book in the Betrayal and Bravery Trilogy.

Are you plotting? Pantsing? Plansting?

Well, kind of.  I wrote the first draft of Song a couple years ago for the 2015 NaNoWriMo.  Since then, I edited the first book and then wrote the third book for NaNo last year.

I could probably "wing" this draft, and get away with it, since I know where the story starts and ends, and who all the characters are.  But I'm still writing my usual synopsis, so I at least have some guidelines.

Name a few things that makes this story unique.

I hate this question.'s no magic in this fantasy novel?  No dragons?  Elves??  Yet it somehow is fairly exciting (I hope)?

How about "Julian Daventry is the one writing this, so while it might seem like an typical Christian fantasty novel, it has elements that are different.  Because nothing is new under the sun, but we can put different spins on things to make them unique."

Share a fun “extra” of the story.

Just a little cover I made via Canva...nothing too spectacular, but hey - it does the job!


  1. Your book sounds really exciting! Even though I'm not into fantasy, your book still sounds pretty cool! I like the cover you made! Don't you just love Canva?

  2. Your book sounds amazing, Julian <3 So am I reading this correctly, in that you already wrote the 1st and 3rd books but not the 2nd? Or have you written them all, haha? XD

    I love the whole music thing, though. This sounds like it's going to be awesome, and I can't wait to hear more about it <3

  3. Ack, this book sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  4. There had better be a ton of Durwyn scenes or else...

  5. I love the sound of this book and that cover is beautiful!


  6. I LOVE the titles of these! Words of Song and Words of Gold? SO PRETTY. And the story sounds so, so up my alley! Good fantasy fun is what I'm here for!

    And that's funny you're having to put the original plot in the second book, because that's EXACTLY what's happening to me right now. My NaNo novel was supposed to be a standalone but nooo. Now it's decided it's going to be a duology or trilogy. *le sigh* These stories. What are we gonna do with them? But I guess all the more story to love, right?

    I do so hope you have the BEST time writing this! And thank you for joining me linkup! I was ecstatic to see this post! :D

  7. GOODNESS! This story sounds AMAZING. Marywyn sounds like such an interesting character.