Voted Most Likely Tag, Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Voted Most Likely Tag!  (Hope you enjoyed the first one...)

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For something a little different, I'm referenced three of the quirkiest characters from three different book series.  They are:
Betrayal and Bravery
Tach the Minstrel, Ondore Windborne, Wisdom Ravencroft

Fitz, Berend nae Richimae, Ravenna Castrandottir
 Heritage of Kings
Cadren Finn Fëvere, Cade Tannerin Fëvere, Josharin "Joshi" Coderim Fëvere

(Please note that all these scenes are merely written for fun and are not in the books, lol.)
Most Likely to Cheat on a Test
"I wasn't cheating," Ravenna pushed her lips into a pout.  "It's not cheating if I figure it out on my own."
"But you didn't use the correct methods," her father pointed out, gesturing at the sheet of paper.  "I need to know you can actually do the math on your own.  Not figure out the answer by guessing my train of thoughts!"
"Your thoughts are harder to figure out than math.  You should be proud."
"And I am.  Couldn't be prouder.  But it's also my duty to teach you math, little daughter.  And this time, I want to see you prove your work."  Castran handed Ravenna a blank sheet of paper.  "Answer every question on this.  Then we'll see about going for a griffin ride before dark."
Ravenna grinned.  "I'll see what I can do."
Most Likely to Say “Oops” After Setting Something on Fire

"Oops," Joshi muttered under his breath.  The flames grew higher, feasting on the pile of straw.  He narrowed his eyes, risking a quick glance at his eldest brother.  Finn stared at the flames, the corners of his mouth twitching.

"In my defense," Joshi started, but his other brother, Cade, slapped a hand over his mouth.

Finn spun on both of them, frantically gesturing with his hands as he tried to figure out what exactly to say.  Thankfully, Baldor didn't have to wait for the words to come.  "Are you out of your mind?" the old Dreman bellowed, his eyes practically blazing red.  "Who had the stupid idea to build a catapult??  Inside?!"

Joshi contemplated disappearing on the spot, but Cade had a good grip on his arm.  I got this, his glance seemed to say (at least, that's what Joshi hoped he was saying).
"And if building a catapult wasn't bad enough, you thought using a firebomb would be a perfect test shot?"
"Oops," Cade said.
Baldor was just getting warmed up.  Joshi wondered if they should have gone with Plan B - use Joshi himself as the test shot.
Most Likely to Open an Orphanage

She couldn't say no.  She just couldn't.  But as she led the little girl towards the West Band barracks, Wisdom's heart sank.  What would her Captain say to bringing an orphan into the barracks?  What would the other warriors say?  She looked at the little girl, barely five years old, and stirred up every bit of determination she had.  "Don't worry, it'll be okay."

Duren Blackburn stood in front of one of the sparring arenas, his sword tip stuck in the dirt, his hands resting on the hilt.  He barely blinked as Wisdom stopped in front of him and saluted.  "Captain?"

He turned, looking the little girl up and down, then raising an eyebrow in Wisdom's direction.

"She's an orphan," Wisdom started, sliding a protective hand around the girl's shoulders.  "Can we keep her at the barracks until I find a home for her?  I'll share my food with her, and she won't cause any trouble.  You won't even know she's here."

Duren shrugged, and she suspected that he might have smiled - if he was a smiling kind of person.  But that was the best she could get.  "Thank you, Captain!"

The little girl didn't cause any trouble, and Wisdom soon found a family willing to take her in.  But word must have gotten around...three days later two brothers and their little sister appeared at the front door of the West Band barracks, their clothes tattered and dirty, and hopeful looks on the sharp little faces.  "Our parents are dead," they explained.  "We don't have anywhere else to go."

Duren, sprawled across the floor of the dining hall, re-stringing his fiddle, only shrugged.

Wisdom found the siblings a new home as quickly as she could, over-thanking each and every fellow warrior for every little contribution - extra blankets, extra food.

Then a teenager came, his head thrown back in pride.  "I don't need any help," he announced, as Wisdom put down her broom and stepped outside the barracks to greet him.  "I've got a job."

"I'm glad for you."

"But my brothers and sisters don't have a home.  I don't have enough money yet, but I'm saving up, I really am!"

Wisdom, of course, believed him.  "We can keep them here."

She should have asked how many siblings he had, but she didn't think about it in time.

The two sisters were given the spare bunk in the woman's room, and Duren let the three boys sleep in his bed.  By the time their brother had saved up enough money for a place they could call their own, all the siblings could throw knives as good as any warrior.
Most Likely to Run off to the Circus

She took one look at the brightly-colored tent and knew she had at last found a place she could stay forever.  The music tugged at her soul, beckoning her closer; the laughter pulled a smile from her lips; everything about the circus brought merriment to her heart.  She never even heard what her brother said - she just took off running, dodging around people, nearly tripping over a tent peg, following the music until she found herself at the first ring.  A man dressed in bright colors bellowed something but she didn't listen to the words.  Her eyes followed the three dogs, walking on their hind legs around the ring.

"Ondore!  Come on!  We need to talk our seats!" Red was at her side now, pulling her away.  Her feet tripped on something, and her brother dragged her to the benches.  Caven was already seated and waiting, a bowl of food balanced in his lap, his sword propped up against his knee.

"I never want to leave this place!" Ondore declared, grabbing a handful of Caven's treat before he could stop her.  "I want to join the circus!"

Red laughed, perhaps shrugging off his sister's enthusiasm, but Caven narrowed his eyes.  Finally, he said, "I think you could make it.  You're odd enough."

"Is that a complement?"

"No," Red said, too quickly.  "Don't encourage her, Caven."

The man merely raised an eyebrow.  Ondore laughed aloud, clapping as the first entertainers stepped foot into the arena.  "I love it here!"
Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

"Berend, we need your assistance!" Raul's voice echoed through the forest.  "Hurry!"

Berend dropped the firewood and ran towards the direction of Raul's voice - towards the goat barns, as far as he could tell.  His knee twinged, refusing to bend, but he set his jaw and just pushed his good leg faster.  Raul wasn't one to cry out for help.

He broke into the little clearing to see Raul dragging the goats into the house, ignoring their screams.  Normally they would be excited about going inside, but now that it wasn't their idea, they didn't want to do it.

Sarador stood at the edge of the clearing, pacing along the broadest tree branch that served as the road towards the village, his sword drawn.  "They're coming this way, hurry!"

Berend slowed, then ran to Sarador's side.  Thankfully the gypsy didn't wait for him to figure out how to word his question.  "Undead ones are walking this way.  I've never seen anything like it."

That was the danger?  Undead?  Berend shook his head.  Perhaps he hadn't understood Sarador correctly.  He had only been speaking the Gypsy tongue for a few weeks now.

The first of the horrible creatures crashed into view, slipping and nearly falling off the branch, down to the murky water far, far below them.  Berend took one look at the pale flesh, the blank eyes, and decided he'd understood Sarador correctly.

"I can...I can fight them," he wasn't sure what word to use, but drawing his sword probably proved his point.  "Get Raul...get the door."  He sprinted towards the undead, sword in hand.

Whatever these things were, they wouldn't get past him.
Most Likely to Fake Their Own Death

Jerrick hesitated for a good three minutes before knocking on his wife's door.  How was he ever going to explain this to Hilkiah?  She was a strong woman, but what would the sudden death of her brother do to her?

He knocked again, then pushed the door open.  "Honey?  It's me."

The Princess sat on the edge of her bed, a leg tucked underneath her.  Across from her sat a shaggy-haired man - the spitting image of the man Jerick had just seen lying dead on the road in front of the castle gate.

"Fitz!" Jerrick nearly fell over backwards.  "What are you doing here?"

Fitz only grinned - that old smile Jerrick had grown to hate.

"Something wrong?" Hilkiah raised an eyebrow.

"It was my idea," Fitz started, attempting to explain.  "But Berend helped.  Ravenna did the finishing touches."

Of course.  The most annoying Gypsy in existence and the stone-faced Kinsmen were perfect partners in crime to a man who liked to play every prank imaginable on his brother-in-law.  Not only did they give Fitz suggestions, but now they were helping him with his tricks!

"I was getting excited," Jerrick sniffed, trying to regain his composure.

Fitz grinned.  "Sorry to disappoint you."
Most Likely to Die and Haunt Friends

Raul threw up his hands, turning away from the floating blue person.  "Berend!"

The bodyguard appeared at the doorway in an instant, sword in hand.  He merely raised an eyebrow at seeing Ravenna's ghost, and looked to Raul for an explanation.

"I don't know why she's decided to come here," Raul gestured at the Gypsy, "but she's getting quite annoying, and I need you to ask her to leave."

"Oh, sure," Ravenna snorted, trying to seat herself on the edge of the desk and kicking it when her ghostly bare feet.  "Like I'm scared of Berend.  I'm already dead.  He can't kill me."

Berend took a step forward, accepting the challenge, and Ravenna pranced a safe distance away, jumping onto the bench by the fireplace.  "Let's not test my theory, shall we?  Now, Raul, as I was saying, I really think you aught to..."

Raul ran for the door, slamming it behind him.  Berend turned to Ravenna, his brow wrinkled.  "What happened to you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Ravenna stuck her tongue out at him.  "While I've got you here, let me ask you a question..."

Berend turned and fled.

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