Forging the Fellowship

Julia over at Lit Aflame created this tag, which sounds kinda neat!  (Okay, I lied...I actually stressed over these questions and stared at my bookshelf and flipped open books and panicked and then just grabbed some random characters and said this is my fellowship and we're all going to die.)(So thanks Julia, thanks a lot for that.)


The Rules
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Forge your Fellowship Out of book characters by answering the given questions!

Tag three bloggers to pass the ring to.

The Questions

[The Ring Bearer]: If you could choose, which of the four races would you be: Elf, Dwarf, Human, or Hobbit?

Umm...honestly, I'd love to live in Rohan. (so um...human??)  All those horses (and more horses)!!!  Edoras has always been a favorite place in the books and movies.  So maybe I'd be a gal from Rohan who travels a lot, maybe has friends among the rangers and visits Rivendell?  :)

[Gandalf the Grey]: A wise/powerful elder/mentor character.

Prof. Hamilton!  Like...who doesn't want him as a mentor??

[Aragorn]: A character with good survival skills.

Leith, hands down.  Have you seen some of the stunts he pulls??  Like riding into the dessert alone...yeah, this guy is a survivor.  (Plus I just want him in my little Fellowship, okay??)

[Boromir]: A character who makes mistakes, but has a good heart.

Parvin, from the Out of Time Trilogy.  Yeah, she makes mistakes, but she's trying.  She may not always have the right idea, but we all know she's got a good heart.

[Gimli]: A stubborn character.

Enna.  Love her, but she's feisty and thick-headed and opinionated and good ol' Finn just puts up with her and they're adorable.

[Legolas]: A character who is talented.

Ahhhhh does wrestling gators, failing at Feechiesings, and causing panic at a play count???  Then I'm going with Dobro Turtlebane, the best part of the entire Wilderking Trilogy.

[Peregrin Took]: A character who at first seems useless, but ends up surprising you.

The first character that came to mind is actually from Sarah Rodecker's story The Herbalist's War, but I don't want to drop any spoilers and get into trouble...

[Meriadoc Brandybuck]: A character who is small/not very strong, but has great courage.

Brandi, from The Blades of Acktar.  She may be just a little girl, but she's brave and courageous (and maybe a tad bit reckless). 

[Samwise Gamgee]: A character who is extremely loyal and doesn’t give up.

Um, the first character that jumped to mind was Cullen from The Silver Branch.  He's a little fellow, but very loyal.  Maybe a tiny bit foolish.  But still fiercely brave.
I tag...
Someone who knows at least two of these characters...
Someone who might consider wrestling a gator...if it's a baby one
Someone who would gladly live at Rohan


  1. I'd gladly live in Rohan, so I'll definitely take this one! Looks like fun ^_^

    And yeah, if we're choosing fellowship members, who could pass up Leith?

    1. I don't know why this one gave me so much trouble, but oh well...

      Leith is THE BEST

  2. Great post! (Gah, yes, Rohan would be amazing to live in!)

    Gosh, and apparently I really need to read the Blades of Acktar! I keep hearing such good things about it, but I HAVE NO MONEY ARGH!

    1. They are well worth it! (And let's all go through the wardrobe somehow and go to Rohan and STAY THERE FOREVER)

  3. DOBRO!!!!! It's about time someone pulled him in for a tag answer.

    And I loved that you respected my spoilers. Though, I'll say that you maybe don't want that person in your fellowship. Things might happen that you did not expect. Or want.

    Oh, I loved this tag!! It's hilarious!! And all of your answers are great!

    1. Well, I didn't pick every person I /wanted/ just who instantly came to mind...

  4. YOU'VE READ THE WILDERKING TRILOGY???? (Part of me feels like I've fangirled over this before and I've forgotten, but I'm gonna fangirl anyway!) I LOVE the Wilderking Trilogy! I've read it three or four times, which I've only with about... four series, total? And Dobro is AWESOME.

    1. YESSSSS years and years ago, and my family actually convinced our local Christian bookstore to carry the trilogy. SERIOUSLY though, those books are AMAZING!!!! (Okay, like, for some weird reason Maynard is my favorite character?????)

  5. Oh, I really want to do this, but I only know one of these characters: Enna. Rohan might not be a bad place to live, so I guess I'll take it anyway. ;)