January Wrap-Up

So far, 2019 is wet.  Very wet.  And kinda cold.  I've had a few people tell me that this is the most rain we've ever received in our neck of NC in a looooooong time.  (And we got snow, too.  So yay for that, I guess.)

I spent most of January chilling (relaxing...and freezing).  I read a bunch of books.  I wrote a few little short stories.  Worked with the horses around the house (since all the trails are closed because of the rain).

Also went on a tiny trip to Gatlinburg, TN with my family.  That was nice.  We didn't ski, since Sister 1 is having back problems and wouldn't have been able to hit the slopes with us.  So we went ice skating and did other things.

I did do a lot of ice skating this month.  There's a local rink we go to on Fridays, and we also went skating while in Gatlinburg.  (Also had to go for the Winter Games...I'm on Team Palau and my brother is on Norway.  The official Games are in February, but the ice skating section was earlier, to work with everyone's schedules.)  Sister 2 is able to cruise around by herself without even going near the rail, and Sister 3 will let go of the rail for a few steps at a time.  Meanwhile Sister 1, Brother, and myself are all sailing around, attempting spins and fun stuff like that.  :)

And also went to a hockey game with family and friends.  That was pretty fun.  (And went ice skating before it, lol)

In case you haven't noticed, I've also been updating the look of my blog.  Honestly, I felt like it was a little too dark?  And I just wanted something a little brighter and more cheery.  Also, purple is my favorite color.

Favorite Read of January

Defy, by Tricia Mingerink.  Definitely.  I cried again while reading it.  But it's just sooooo good.  But since it's a re-read, does that count?

If so, my favorite new read of January might just have to be the first part of History of the Reformation Volume I, by Jean-Henri Merle d'Aubigné.  I actually didn't expect to like it so much.  I was planning to only read a chapter a day, sort of on the side.  And the author started with a "pardon me for talking about Geneva so much, and about what happens before Calvin came to it" and I was like oh boy, this is gonna be boring...

Well, let me tell you...it wasn't.  And not only was it really interesting, now I'm looking into writing a historical fiction (maybe historical fantasy, since that's getting popular?) about Geneva and the fight for freedom there.  Cause yeah...it was pretty cool.  Political intrigue, torture, fights, heroes...and I'm reading a lot more a day than I thought I would.

(Or does that one not count either, since I haven't actually finished the entire thing?  I'm now on the second part in the book??)

Favorite Movie of January

At least I have a solid answer for this one!  Hands down, Black Lightning.  Though technically we started watching it in 2018 (so maybe not a solid answer).  It's one of the movies we watched while staying up waiting for the new year to roll around.  It's in Russian, but I believe you can also get a version with English subtitles from Amazon?  But it's such a super cute movie with some very good lessons.  It's kind of a superhero movie?  But really, it's amazing.
Daily Bible Reading Plan
Going strong!  Haven't gotten behind, and thankfully have gotten somewhat of a schedule down.
The Inevitable Photo Dump

Ice storm.
Tree down on the fence after the ice storm.

Working all 3 at once-ride Pepper and lead Spirit and Bree.

Taking the tram in Gatlinburg up to the mountain.

Winter Games - representing Team Palau.

"Story Research"
How was your January?  It's been pretty cold here in the South, but not as bad as the Midwest, so I hear...so for all my friends who have the negative temperatures, I'm so, so sorry.


  1. Loving the blog look. I like brighter lighter things too ;D Though some say darker is more professional. Which I don't see how that can be possible. Fun update! That history book sounds interesting :)


    1. It has been a really fun book-highly reccomended!

  2. Great wrap up post! Ice skating sounds like a lot of fun! Although I would probably hang out with sister 3 over by the railing! :)
    Aww, your horses look so fluffy with their winter coats! Our mini looks like a little marshmallow!
    Sounds like you had fun in Gatlinburg TN! We went on a vacation there last year around this time and we had a blast!

    1. Gatlinburg is lots of fun. We've gone a few times. We don't really like walking around in the town, but we do enjoy the aquarium and going to ski at the Mtn.

  3. I wish I had gone ice skating. Great pictures.

  4. January was busy for me!
    Yes it has been so cold here! It got to 11 below. I enjoy ice skating we did more last year though.


    1. 11 below???? AHHH so cold how do you survive??

    2. Bundle up when going outside and wearing sweaters inside. :)

  5. I like the new blog look!

    And the pictures are so good, I love the horses. :)

    Ice skating sounds lovely. <33 Have a good February!!

  6. We northerners can handle -30 Celsius and loads of snow quite well ... for the most part :) Not looking forward to the -40 Celsius forecasted for tonight, though. We thank God for heated homes.

    I'm assuming you skate indoors? Across the road from us we have a large outdoor rink, and we get to watch the Zamboni resurface it twice a day, but we haven't skated on it yet. Usually it's full of kids playing pick-up hockey, which makes it difficult for people like us to skate without getting knocked over.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes, we skate indoors! Ordinarily, it's not cold enough for outdoor rinks. :) I'm glad we don't have your temps!

      We watched a hockey game this month and thought of y'all. Hope you're doing well!

  7. Oooh, Ice Skating????? I've always wanted to do that,it sounds like a LOT of fun.

    Ah yes, the blog look changes... I really like that shade of purple, and I think the site does look a bit more cleaned up. Though of course, I haven't a problem with dark colors (after all, darker colors are my favorite colors so...) ;D

    1. It is a LOT of fun! Just going around and chatting and trying to do tricks.

      I do like dark colors but wanted something a little more cheery with all this gloomy weather around me.

  8. Ice skating is my second favourite sport (the first one is cycling, haha). Great post! I hope February will be awesome for you :)