Guest Post // 3 Things God's Smuggler Taught Me

Today I have a special post by Julia from Lit Aflame!  Her blog has finally gone live, and in celebration, this week is full of exciting posts (and a giveaway). 
(Also, her name is similar to mine, so isn't that super cool??  Now everyone can go about getting us confused...)
3 Things God’s Smuggler Taught Me

It is not by chance that I am giving away a book called “God’s Smuggler”, this book is AMAZING.  It is quite frankly, the most inspirational book that I have read and obviously my favorite.  It has so many good lessons and reminders and Brother Andrew’s life was just, WOW.  So today, I thought I’d share with you 3 things that God’s Smuggler has taught me (and can teach you).
1. God is still doing the impossible
Well, yeah, I mean of course, I knew this, it’s just…..reading this book made it more “real” y’know?  I just remember the first time God did a miracle for Andrew, it just, does it sound weird to say that it took my breath away?  God’s amazing, y’all better know that. So whenever you hear someone say, or you yourself think that “God doesn’t do the impossible anymore” think again!  God is still alive, God is still right here with us, He is still working.  And He is still GOD.  He still does the impossible today! And don’t you let anyone convince you otherwise.
2. God will take care of His own
Oh yes, we always saaay that we know that God will take care of us and all that, but you and I both know that there are some times when we doubt, or even forget His promised care.  Sometimes we let ourselves fall beneath the swathing fear and we lose sight of God’s hands.  When we take our eyes off our Savior and look to the enemy it is easy to forget and despair - but the Bible says “fear NOT”!  We have the ALMIGHTY GOD on our side, fighting for us.  We needn’t fear the storm nor the enemy any more.  We can lift our chins and straighten our shoulders, what do we have to fear?  He who is in us is greater than they that be in the world!  And really, as the Bible says, if God be for us, who can be against us?
3. It really is all about HIS love
Sad to say, sometimes we hear about God’s love so much, that it grows dull and loses it’s effect. But you know, WITHOUT His love for us, Jesus wouldn’t have ever died for us, without HIS love for us you and I would be doomed to hell.
But we’re not, because HE LOVED us.  Sometimes you can lose sight of the WOW in that, especially when it’s common knowledge as you grow up.  There is one quote in particular from this book that I shall never forget:
I LOVE that up there, and he’s right.  We need to be more fluent in the agape “language”, agape is the highest form of love - it’s the love Jesus has for us - the agape love is the type of love that kept Him on the cross.  It’s the highest, most unconditional love out there.  And it’s the sort of love we as Christians need to be showing to everyone around us, no matter who they may be.  So that through us and the love we show, the lost may see Jesus.
Meet the Author:
Julia is a 15 year old born again Christian who believes if the Bible says it it’s true, and a Bookworm who knows that words have the power to change the world.   She juggles her small business, writing, and college while living on a farm in Texas with her parents, seven siblings and a ton of animals.
Her goal in all that she does is to bring glory to God and to live a life lit aflame for Christ.  She hopes to encourage others to do the same.
We’re celebrating the launch of my new blog!
I am on a quest.  Or that is, I was.
That's right, I was on a quest, though it wasn’t the dragon slaying sort (I prefer to ride them). But it was a very important quest nonetheless!
My poor young self of a few months ago started a free blog, to make sure I wanted to actually do this blogging thing. Turns out, I LOVE blogging, so then the time came to pull out the matches, scoop the Ice-cream, and get serious about blogging!
Why am I bothering you about this? Don't you have much better things to do than have your precious time wasted by me? Uh, well, yeah, literally anything would probably be more worth your time than reading this -- but let’s be honest here, you would much rather waste your time listening to me talk than do anything productive, right? (no? Just me?)  ANYWAY the thing is I AM BUILDING AN EMPIRE!
*cough* I mean, I'm launching my "official" blog.
And I have just come back from my quest of gathering a group of wonderful bloggers to help make the launch special (one of which you are reading this at now).
Again, why am I bothering you?
Because celebration! I mean come on!  You can’t launch anything without having a party, right?  So here at Lit Aflame we are having a week long celebration and if I do say so myself, it’s purty awesome.  Because, guys, there’s a giveaway!  I LOVE giveaways!  Nearly as much as I love Ice cream.  The only sad thing is… I can’t enter my own giveaway, the good thing?  YOU can!

Plus a post every day this whole week!

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